Our company focuses on industrial automation, mainly on robotization of work places and production lines – both new ones and already existing ones.

We particularly pay attention to the communication with customers. We always make a thorough analysis of their needs and then we suggest suitable made-to-measure solutions. During the realization of the order are the customers actively involved in the problem-solving processes and we keep them informed about the development. Thus, they have the knowledge of actual order status and have the possibility to check it. The point is that both sides are always satisfied with the well-done work and that the project aims are perfectly fulfilled.

Apart from project solving we also offer warranty and after-warranty service of our devices as well as service activities on current robotic workplaces regardless of its origin.

Our company is based on technicians who have long-time experiences with industrial automation – in the field of engineering construction, electrical construction and programming. The integral part is also professional risk assessment of the project. We consult our opinions with specialists in corresponding fields and companies which deals with development and production of components which reduce the potential risks.

We work with the components of leading world producers. Among our suppliers belong SIEMENS, RITTAL, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, ROCKWELL AUTOMATION, SICK, BALLUFF, TURCK, EUCHNER, PILZ, FESTO, SMC, SEW and many more. For creation of our own documentation we use broadly used and complex programmes – INVENTOR for mechanical construction, EPLAN for electro construction.

In the field of robotics, we concentrate mainly on FANUC, ABB, STÄUBLI and KUKA. Each of the mentioned brand has broad product portfolio to meet different requirements and applications. Every robot has its pros and cons and that is why it is important to carefully consider applicable robot supplier for realization of every single order. And this we can assess and recommend appropriate robot which will meet the requirements.

We have contracts with leading production companies in our region for production of the devices designed by us.

We also cooperate with specialists in different technologies which can be done by the robot. The most frequent technology which we can provide by robotic automation is manipulation, machining, applying, cutting with plasma and many others.